A Long History of Tornadoes

Tornadoes have long been a threat to residents of Calhoun County, Alabama, as shown in this newspaper article from 1855. … More A Long History of Tornadoes

One Reason They Didn’t Smile

Civil War diarist Mary Chesnut summed up the law thus: “There is no slave, after all, like a wife.” To write accurate historical fiction, the female characters must live with the ugly truth that women had virtually no rights in the antebellum South. Whatever romanticized historical fiction may say, Rhett Butler can’t compare with knowing “all men are created equal” means men and women have equal protection under the law. … More One Reason They Didn’t Smile

Why a cotton field?

A cotton field in Smyrna, Tennessee. Courtesy of Michael Batts. My historical novel series Before the Civil War focuses on the decade before the Civil War. Cotton was the lifeblood of the South during that time period. What better representation of the time, the place and the people? Save Save