About Jan

Jan - color fixJan Nichols Batts is an author, public relations strategist and copywriter who helps people find the right words to tell their stories. She began her writing career working for free at her hometown newspaper in her early teens. Since then, Jan has blended words and thoughts to persuade, inform and entertain people over the world, to help police identify a murderer, families to grieve a death, and businesses to differentiate themselves online. Her current project is an historical fiction series called Before the Civil War.

Jan’s passion for authenticity and in-depth research brings richness to her storytelling. She is a living historian, having organized one of the largest civilian Civil War reenactor groups, and has conducted and participated in numerous school programs and homeschool classes, teaching students about the War Between the States.

Jan has been published in magazines, newspapers and online. She wrote the text of the award-winning Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, a pictorial record of the cowboys and one cowgirl on the largest ranch within one fence in the world. She currently is writing an historical fiction series entitled Before the Civil War.

Jan Nichols Batts is a native Texan who lives in Fort Worth.

Contact:  Jan@JanNicholsBatts.com








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